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Hi y'all! I'm Laura, and Beautiful Noise NC is my little business and big dream. I've always loved to create, whether it was arts and crafts at summer camp, doodling on my notes in class, or designing t-shirts for various activities I've been involved in. For years, I've had a back burner dream of having my own little store, and one day I decided to move it from the back burner to up front. I set up an Etsy store, made a few things, and then I got married, switched jobs, found out my dad had cancer, moved, had a baby, switched jobs again, and my dad passed away, all in about 2 years. I sold things here and there, but with all the life things going on, couldn't put as much focus into it as I wanted. Then I switched jobs again, moved (while pregnant, AGAIN), had another baby, and decided it was time to get serious!

My original shop name was Laura Edwards Designs, but after my dad passed away, I wanted to acknowledge my dad in some way with my shop, since he always encouraged me in my creativity, and frequently told me I should figure out how to make a career out of selling t-shirts and other things I made. My dad was a HUGE Neil Diamond fan - it's what I grew up listening to, and was one of the first big concerts I went to! At my wedding, there was no question that the father-daughter dance would be to a Neil Diamond song - the only question was which one. We eventually settled on Beautiful Noise, and I decided that was the perfect name for my shop.

I'm also a born and bred North Carolinian, and I LOVE North Carolina. It's an amazing state with so much to offer, and I feel like growing up here shaped a lot of who I am, so I wanted to give a nod to that with my shop name as well.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I hope you'll follow along - I'll be sharing a bit of everything here, from upcoming products to life as a small business owner and boy mom, and more!

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